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United Semiconductors, LLC

Established in 2005, we specialize in bulk crystal growth of ternary III-V semiconductor and impurity doped binary III-V semiconductor compounds. We deliver double sided polished wafers with diameter in the range of 25 mm (inch) to 150 mm (6 inches) and thickness in the range of 0.5 mm to 10 mm. We help researchers with their material synthesis and crystal growth needs of custom materials in small volume. In addition, we offer the following services for materials supplied by customers:

  • Wafer slicing & dicing

  • Wafer polishing

  • Wafer thinning (down to 0.02 mm/20 micron)

  • Dicing of rods (few mm to few cm) & Edge Polishing

  • Fabricating Prisms, Cubes, Polygons & Shaped Wafers

  • Synthesizing Powders & Nano-inks

  • High Temperature impurity diffusion, activation & Thermal annealing

  • Wet chemical etching, cleaning, Surface preparation & Passivation

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